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Dave Noreen 08-17-2021 12:36 PM

Not a Parker
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I was reviewing some pictures I'd saved of early Ansley H. Fox doubles because a member had posted about serial number 15 over on the AHFCA site. I noticed what looks to me like the initials DTO on a fence rail in the game scene on the bottom of serial number 121, the gun made for director and Secretary of the A.H. Fox Gun Co., Frank J. Barthmaier.

Attachment 98588

Anyone know of an engraver from the 1905 time frame with those initials? Am I imagining things?

The gun was sold in the October 2011 Julia's auction. Catalog text doesn't mention the initials.

Dean Romig 08-17-2021 12:54 PM

Who would DTO have been? Obviously the engraver, but what was his name?


allen newell 10-14-2021 06:32 PM

Don't Take Out

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