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CraigThompson 09-28-2021 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Dean Romig (Post 344793)
That seller “Mgimmey” is sure one to stay away from. Of course, he could change his name anytime he needs to.


I got it on good authority that the fake seller is actually a crotchety old guy in New England with a white beard that used to be the editor of some lesser known gun rag , think the magazine was for some colectors organization or some such nonsense called something or other pages . Definitely the type to stay the hell away from :rotf::rotf::rotf::rotf::bigbye:

Apologies but that was just to good for me to let go !

Dean Romig 09-28-2021 03:49 PM



Mills Morrison 09-28-2021 03:51 PM

I wonder if Josh will take $4 grand? That is nearly twice the current bid. Yeah right

I tried to report some of these jokers but the process was too long and hard so I just took business elsewhere

Reggie Bishop 09-28-2021 05:01 PM

Hey that's the "Bishop" gun I have heard about!

Ken Descovich 09-28-2021 05:30 PM

I say Josh buy it now and tell them you already own it.

Joseph Sheerin 09-28-2021 05:51 PM

Sure hope the guy who won the auction does their due diligence in making sure the seller actually has the gun before sending him the funds.....

GB is getting pretty bad about this stuff.

John Dallas 09-28-2021 06:12 PM

Wouldn't it be interesting for someone from here to show up at the guy's house to buy the gun?

Mike Poindexter 09-28-2021 09:44 PM

The "buyer" of the Parker and the Perazzi scammed the scammer. Won the auction to shut it down, then left scathing feedback calling the seller out. Has no intention of sending any money. Look at the seller's response to see some English as a Second Language. Too bad GB wont do any of this policing themselves.

Mills Morrison 09-28-2021 09:55 PM

The feedback exchange is pretty classic. Should send ATF after him next

Chris Travinski 09-29-2021 10:51 PM

It looks like the positive feedback on his account is BS as well. Two of the 4 positive feedback posts are from members whose accounts have been closed. Thankfully we have a safe environment here to swap guns, lately the more public forums are pretty sketchy.

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