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Originally Posted by Dean Romig View Post
Bill, thanks for your interest and your concern.

You have pointed out the fact that there may be other online payment options - thank you.

I think we need to keep a few things in mind before we get too deeply involved in any suggestion that we change from Pay-Pal to some other vendor of such a service.

1.) Those who get things done for the benefit of the entire membership are strictly volunteer members... nobody gets paid for what they do... and they do a lot.

2.) Those who set everything up that was required to make Pay-Pal work, put in countless hours doing so (it took several months from start to finish) - and after it was in place, hours of testing and re-testing to fine-tune it so that it would be as seamless and painless as possible, did so on their own time (time subtracted from family time and other things they would rather be doing) and we owe them our support and thanks for a job well done.

They were: John Dunkle, Mary Bowes, Allan Swanson, Larry Frey, and Chuck Bishop.

In choosing Pay-Pal these folks used all due-diligence and were in constant communication with the folks at Pay-Pal. It was well known to Pay-Pal that we are a GUN collectors organization and we were never mistreated because of the word "gun".

I don't pretend to speak for these five good folks, but it would surprise me greatly if they would step forward to do it all over again to "fix" a system that isn't "broken".

Just my two cents folks...

Understood. My principle interest was to let the BOD aware, as well as any members that are interested; on the fact that PayPal's policy does not support transactions related to our principal hobby, i.e. firearms ownership. Thanks for taking the time to give this matter your consideration. Bill
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