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I had not hunted for about 40 years (67years old now) I started hunting with a guy that has 2 brittanies 3 years ago. After a short time I saw the level of time and commitment that he gives those dogs. He eventually cut out most other types of hunting so he could keep his dogs in birds. We are in Michigan, he heads south after our 2nd grouse season which ends the end of december. He takes his dogs and wife down to Missouri I think and stays at quail farms where they release quail to keep his dogs in birds. In the early spring and late summer, he goes to pheasant farms up here or buys quail or chukar. I have never seen anyone do as much as he does for his dogs. He has had 4 brittanies total over the years, the 2 he has now are some of the best hunting dogs I have ever seen. My wife and I acquired a 2.5 year old overweight brittany with no training about 3 years ago, the best thing I did was take him to the original breeder that luckily lives just down the road. Whether I had gotten a pup or the dog we got, I was overwhelmed the first year with the amount of time and work it takes for a hunting dog. Whether you get a pup or trained dog, I would talk to your breeder (a lot) to make sure you are doing the right things for your dog. I just about drove my breeder crazy that first year, but he knew how serious my wife and I were about getting him trained properly. We have gotten so many great memories from our dogs I wonder how I lived so long without dogs in my life. Good luck Jeffrey
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