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Tom (Tom Jay not Tom the OP) what are the gold parts? Plated or replacement parts? Trouble visualizing what has been done there.

To Tom the OP while your gun may be not technically correct it's still nice to have been left something from a relative. I have an uncle with Lugers, WWII era original 1911's, a Browning Sweet 16 unfired in original packaging, old Winchesters, among many other cool things including old Ithaca SxS's. He gave up hunting 30+ years ago, he's in his late 80's now. I have begged to just be able to catalog it for him but he's intent on turning everything in to the sheriff as he's been anti gun for a while now (since the gun death of a close friend who was a police officer). So I would be happy to be given anything from a relative, who knows how important that was to him in whatever condition.
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