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Non engraved CHE 12 gauge
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Default Non engraved CHE 12 gauge

Thought I would post some pictures of a CHE I bought about 2 years ago. It was ordered June 1912 with Acme 28 inch ejector barrels.nice wood, and No Engraving.
The only thing engraved is Parker Bros on the sides.
Left barrel (.010) was ordered more open then right ( .040).
No mention of any gold inlays, or grip cap. ( letter states Capped pistol grip) I assume that this was done after gun was received.
The gold initials A. V. H. On the trigger plate are the initials of the buyer A. V. Hall.
A V Hall was the grandfather of the lady I purchased the gun from. He owned The Sherwood Hall company of Grand Rapids Michigan.
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