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If I could have any car back would be my 1966 Chevy Biscayne with 427 and 4 speed from the factory. They looked like a farmers car but you better hold on it would take you for a ride, Thomas
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Now that`s one quick & extremely fast Corvette...
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Bill Murphy
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Tom, now you had a rare Chevy. I would kill for that car. However, friends have told me that my '67 Biscayne would lift the front tires on a good day with a good shift. I had a nice old '50 flathead Ford that would also get one front tire off the ground on a 1-2 shift. It had an extremely strong 10" clutch assembly and a stock steel flywheel that helped to get those front wheels off the ground. I was going to lunch one day from my office and lifted the front wheels on the Biscayne with an officer of the law coming in the opposite direction. He turned around to confront me, so I turned around. We did the u-turns once more and he gave up. I think he was low on gas, headed to the county fuel facility.
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charlie cleveland
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in working in junkyards most of my life i ve only seen 3 of those biscanyes in 2 door version one had disc brakes up front...427 posi rearend turbo 400 trans....we had a 69 caprice 4 door hardtop that had factory 427 400 turbo and posi under it...but the rarest thing i ever saw on a car in the 60 s this car had wipers on the headlights and wasker hose to put water on the headlights i wish i had bought this car....just on acount of those wipers on the headlights of a chevy car...charlie
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