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MBWT Data Comparisons (Damascus and Fluid)
Unread 12-05-2020, 07:06 AM   #1
Dean Weber
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Default MBWT Data Comparisons (Damascus and Fluid)

Dr. Drew Hause and I have been sharing some thoughts about MBWT, especially thickness at the chamber/FC juncture. I decided to begin cataloguing my measurements to share with Dr. Hause. Thought some of you may be interested as well. I will add more as I build out the details.

- Measurements were completed using Hosford Barrel gauge and Skeets bore gauge
- I suspect #12 to have been altered (chambers lengthened)
- I found it especially interesting to see same gauge, different weight compared closely to see differences in thickness
- Another interesting point is the observation of the steep angle of the forcing cone in many of the Parkers

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