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Unread 10-16-2021, 10:26 PM   #11
Craig Budgeon
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I received black pads from Silvers decades ago when that was all that was available. Sue, Kynoch manager, told me at that time that she rarely ordered black pads as they were not very popular in the UK. They still may have them but you should call there if black is desired. Kynoch phone #is 011-44-01638-711799. If you call there is a 5 hr. time difference and Sue is retired.
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Unread 10-17-2021, 08:31 AM   #12
Stan Hillis
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Originally Posted by Brian Dudley View Post

Many people ask me about “aging back” pads and how to do it. My only reply is always to just use the gun. However, those that usually ask that question do not use their guns.
I would be an exception to that, Brian. Though I have never asked you I have asked others. Gunsmiths I know of have "toned down" new case colors on vintage guns, and attempt in other ways to get rid of the "new look" when finishes are replaced on vintage items. It's a personal choice, but I like getting rid of that "new car smell" asap.

Best, SRH
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