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Craig Larter 08-11-2017 05:48 PM

Pressure Test for 19gn Red Dot
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I sent the following three loads to Tom Armburst for testing, a scan of the tests is below. Loads where hand weighted as below:
A. 10ga. Federal hull cut to 2 7/8”, WW 209 primer, 19gr Red Dot, Remington SP-10 wad, 2x .125 card wads and 1 .70 card wad in bottom of wad, 1.125oz # 7 lead shot.
B. 10ga. Remington hull cut to 2 7/8”, WW 209 primer, 19gr Red Dot, Remington SP-10 wad, 3x .125 card wads in bottom of wad, 1.125oz # 7 lead shot.
C. 10ga Cheddite hull cut to 2 7/8", Remington SP-10 wad, 3x .125 card wads in bottom of wad, 1.125oz # 7 lead shot.
THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION FOR INFORMATION ONLY. Pressure higher than I hoped for was hoping for 5200+- equal to black.
Craig Larter

Daniel Carter 08-11-2017 06:07 PM

Thank you, have been using this load for about 8 months and have been very happy with it, crows not so much. Glad to know the pressure in that i use all 3.

Pete Lester 08-11-2017 06:54 PM

Craig thanks for sharing this. I see the pressures and velocities as "period correct" for the short ten with 1 1/8 ounce load and they are great loadings for composite barrel guns and with a powder that has and should be available for a long time to come. I also believe this data shows that if one uses their head good short ten loads have and can be wildcatted. I will add these to 2 7/8" reloading data spreadsheet, very helpful since many of the powders on the existing data are obsolete.

edgarspencer 08-11-2017 07:30 PM

Craig, I don't load for Ten, but I do for 12,16&20 so am interested in seeing everyone's data. To what do you attribute the jump in pressure in #2 ?

Daryl Corona 08-11-2017 08:19 PM

My guess would be the Remington hulls.

Craig Larter 08-12-2017 05:52 AM

The only difference is the remington hulls. The remington and cheddite hulls have similar internal volume but the plastic used on the cheddite hulls is softer more of a low density polyethylene. You will note that I had to add card wads to these loads versus 7625 because the red dot takes up much less room. Remington hulls have a larger rim diameter and will not chamber in my LC smith guns. Not a problem with federal and cheddite. So I plan to standardize on the cheddite hull since they are cheaper and very durable plus I obtain cheddite hulls from my non reloading buddies that shoot RST,s.

edgarspencer 08-12-2017 06:42 AM

Thanks, Craig. Hard to believe that the wall section of the Chedite and Federal shells can absorb as much as 800 psi. I'll admit, it's something I Never gave any thought to in 50 years of reloading.

Pete Lester 08-12-2017 06:59 AM

I have not handled a Cheddite 10ga hull, what is the base wad made of? Federal hulls with their fiber/paper base wads are known for lower pressures.

Daniel Carter 08-12-2017 07:31 AM

Cheddite has a plastic base wad.

Pete Lester 08-12-2017 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by Daniel Carter (Post 222962)
Cheddite has a plastic base wad.

I think a better question is why does a Federal hull produce lower pressure with all things being roughly equal, it's the fiber base wad, 89% the pressure of a Remington and 93% the pressure of a Cheditte in this test with Red Dot.

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