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Would One of These Payment Services Work?
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Default Would One of These Payment Services Work?

Originally Posted by Dean Romig View Post
Actually Bill, the BOD was made aware of your opinion on this matter immediately after you contacted Mary Bowes with your concerns. She, in turn, forwarded your email to the entire BOD and officers.

We all read your email with great interest and await your suggestion for a solution that supports the PGCA's commitment to the entire membership to make it easier to pay membership dues and to order research letters online.

To the best of our knowledge, Pay-Pal is the "only game in town" that can fulfill our collective needs/requirements.

In a quick search I find that there are several other online payment services that may fit the bill for PGCA. A couple of them will accept payments even from an existing PayPal account for those members that would not want to switch. If the BOD would in fact entertain other payment options besides Pay Pal, I will research the policies page for any of them you direct, specifically looking for prohibitions that are counter to the intentions of the PGCA. Please review the link below and let me know if you want me to go further in evaluating any of these sites. Thanks for listening. Bill
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