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Nice day so the Greener 10 ga. hammer gun got out on the clays course again. When I did my part the clays were vaporized, not just crushed! This is not an especially tight chocked gun and the shot string seems to be pretty short as a whole bunch of shot gets to the target at the same time. One can not do better than the 1 1/8 oz shot and 19 grains of Red Dot for target use. I mixed in a few 1 1/4 oz loads with SR 4756 and they perform as well. Just way too much fun shooting these short ten's. Mix of Cheddite, Federal and Remington hulls all work well. Both of my 10's love these loads and generate interest when I have them out. As William stated there is really no reason to look further that the Red Dot load for general target use. The heavier load is great for longer clays and reaching out is not a problem. I can save my SR 7625 for the 12 and 16 ga. hammer guns.
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