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Thatís quite helpful . Iíve used 7625 and Unique before and could always go back to them . I loaded up the last of a dozen or so pounds of 4756 a week or two ago . At present Iím finishing up my hulls with WSF which is also the first powder I ever loaded the 16 with when WIN brought the WAA16 wad out . If I run out of WSF I have 572 and Herco that are next in line . Iíve been trying to get something together using Red Dot and the SP-16 wad as I have a bunch of both and it would be nice to use them up instead of looking for something else . Pete you sent me the old IMR data that has Red Dot 16 loads and Iíve gotten a decent load using RD and the SP-16 but to get a decent crimp I need to add a couple red beans to make up the space with an ounce of shot . Kinda slows the process but works .
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