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I joined the 16 ga site not long after it was formed,both the site and the low pressure. Really liked it. I dropped out of shooting for a few years except for benchrest. About four or five years ago I couldn't get on. Their website design was so poor that you couldn't directly contact them unless you were a member. If not, and you tried to re joing, the email was locked until you were granted permissions. I eventually ran out of email addresses and nobody responded. Late last year I finally found someone who could help and after a lot of gyrations, I got back on. I was told the site was started and owned as a private concern, with a boilerplate website that wasn't very robust and the administrator was the owner who worked full time and didn't have time to do it. No one else had any site rights.

He died suddenly a few years ago, and his family continue to keep ownership, even though they don't keep it up.

The Low Pressure Group was a separate entity, started by some of the more serious members, and they did an incredible job. I don't check there very often, but I found out that they apparently moved the group to 24 Hour Campfire. Their forum is restricted there, and requires a password just for the LPG members. You join 24HC and then join the LPG forum. One section has all their reloading data. I've noticed since then that their data has been showing up a lot of places. I suspect the data will stop flowing due to the group losing money and donations to get the data,which paid for a lot of their efforts to date. Before they moved, the data was sent directly to the members who supported it, and I never saw a cop[y of the data bank on the internet. Now it's available a lot of places.
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