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Ron: I'll give this a stab. I tried to edit my profile pic with Clint. Got a message "invalid file" Did a right click on the image and clicked on properties. There was a note that the image was from another computer and had been blocked. So, I saved the image on my computer and then went to edit my profile pic and chose to take the file from my computer rather than an http: address. Well, my profile pic became Clint. Closed everything down and then checked if my profile pic was still Clint. It was.
So, I then changed my profile pic back to what is was pre-Clint.

So, try this. Right click on your image. Choose Save As. Give it a name and save it somewhere simple like the desktop. Then go to edit profile pic and choose the Desktop file. Click Save and maybe Clint will grace your profile. Go ahead, make your day.
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